The RSI Transform Course

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Course Material

  • The RSI
  • Why do we follow famous 60 – 40 levels?
  • Traditional RSI
  • The Cardwell’s RSI – Unconventional Way!
  • Flaws in using RSI “unconventionally”
  • RSI Wedge & Medium
  • Medium Logic
  • The RSI Divergences
  • RSI Signals.
  • The RSI Flare
  • Reversals based on Supports & Resistance
  • Efficacy of Reversals
  • The Quick Reversals
  • RSI Triangles
  • RSI Compress
  • Moving beyond RSI 14
  • Axis Points.
  • The TR – Time Reciprocity
  • When RSI Fails!
  • Corresponding Signals in Time Frames.
  • Inconsonant Signals in Time Frames.
  • TD – Time Disparity.
  • TFP – Time Frame Pointers.
  • Projecting Price Targets.
  • The Expedition Factor.
  • The High Probability 4 to 10 star Signals!!
  • Time Frame Selection – Short Term Traders / Long Term Traders
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486 reviews for The RSI Transform Course

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